Rello Love

Rello Love

Our Activities Director, David, brought in a special guest to make rounds to all of the Lodgers at MediLodge of Shoreline. Rello, the chihuahua Schnauzer mix, was a little bundle of love and joy greeting and loving on everyone. He expertly brought plenty of smiles and filled numerous hearts today with his fluffy hugs.

Lawrence Turner-tharapy dog

Betty aka Bernadette Russell

Christine Barrett

Christeen Mongogna

Belinda Green-therapy dog

Diane Woodruff-therapy dog

Diane Woodruff (2)-therapy dog

Cynthia Skwirsk-therapy dog

Claudia Nafsu-therapy dog

Kim Knighton-therapy dog

Karen Good-Sclafani-therapy dog

George Vanwormer-therapy dog

Elaine Boike-therapy dog

Mileva Mihajlovski-therapy dog

Michael Gagnon-therapy dog

Martin Kavanagh-therapy dog

Niculita Rosu- therapy dog

Roza Jarjees- Therapy dog

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