Michael F.

Today, Michael F. graduated from a 15 month stay at MediLodge of Shoreline! The staff and his family are so proud of the monumental success he had while with us. He got a shave and a haircut to go home and everyone was so shocked to see his beaming smile!

His wife, Debby, explains:
“In July of 2021, my husband was soooo sick. I had no idea how bad his feet were because he always wears his socks. One time he fell, and dragged himself from the other room back to bed. His socks were so wet. I took them off and was astounded at how infected his feet were. He didn’t want to go to the hospital, but I eventually took him. After he was admitted to MediLodge of Shoreline, they began to work with him. Unfortunately, he had to have a toe removed due to the damage the infection caused. He was so out of it. He didn’t know who he was, or where he was. We were not sure if he was even going to make it or not.
After going back and forth to the hospital for a bit, he started to clear up and not be so confused. Therapy started working with him again and he was motivated to do well so he could eventually return home. He got stronger and stronger. Recently, the Therapy Department showed me how he could walk with a walker, go up and down stairs, go to the bathroom on his own, and dress himself. I was so excited to see that I could bring him home to us, and we could get back to living our lives together again. We put bars in the shower and got all of the equipment he needs to be successful at home.
Although he enjoyed his time here and made many friends, he is excited to get home again. I worked at another nursing home, but I would very much recommend MediLodge of Shoreline for their wonderful staff. They worked hard with my husband to bring him back home to us stronger and healthier. The staff is very welcoming and caring! In fact, I am planning to come and volunteer here once I get Michael all settled in at home.”

MF during single cropped

MF before cropped good

MF after shaved cropped good

michael fletcher with wife

michael fletcher 3

michael fletcher 2

Michael Fletcher 1

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